The Impulse of Online Buying and the Addiction It Leads To

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Online shopping is one of the strongest trends in commerce, a product of e-commerce. It involves making purchases over the internet; on websites or through business social media platforms. It is a friendly way of shopping, where you do not have to physically go to the store to get your products. You simply log in to your favorite shopping platform, select your goods, check them out and wait for delivery after payment.

The entire concept is very smooth, though with minor downsides, one of them being impulse buying. Impulse buying is where you go on an uncontrolled shopping spree, most of the time breaking your budget.


Understanding Impulse Online Buying

To get this shopping behavior, you understand that there are many internet users who spend a lot of time browsing when they are free. There is a rush that you get by looking at excellent items on display on shopping sites, with some having amazing offers in form of discounts and bonuses.

All these factors can make you pile up your online shopping cart, especially when you see suggested goods when checking out. Without realizing it, you can go past your budget, getting an amazing feeling of reward from your purchases.

When impulse buying goes overboard, you might go out of control and be a shopping addict. The situation is worse if you are using credit card payments.

The Shopping Addict

Being a shopping addict is the highest form of impulse buying you can get, and the buyer feels as if they are getting a fix by filling up their online shopping carts. The shopping addict will spend a lot of time on online shopping platforms or social media posts listing items for sale.

Harmless window shopping is the first step in most cases then they open the Pandora box by making the first purchase. There is a sense of fulfillment they get when they purchase products and have them delivered to their places in one piece. The convenience of this shopping habit will make them go back consistently to check on what is good on the listings.

The second purchase, the third, and so forth and they become avid shoppers until physical shopping is no longer their cup of tea. The situation goes overboard when there are discounts, like the Black Friday deals. Here, the shopping rush is at an all-time high, and sooner or later, they find themselves in the clasps of online shopping addiction.


Dealing with Impulse Buying

Here are some of the ways to deal with impulse buying to save your finances.

  • Buy what you need and exercise self-control.
  • Avoid online shopping sites unless it is necessary.
  • Keep busy, as boredom is one of the causes of impulse shopping.
  • Unsubscribe from tempting mailing lists
  • You might seek professional help if you think you are a shopping addict.
  • Plan your purchases.
  • Never store your credit card on websites. Instead, freeze it or avoid using it for online purchases.



Online shopping is one of the most fulfilling activities, where you do not have to break a sweat to get your products. Impulse shopping is one of the downsides of this manner of shopping, and you should strive to avoid it, lest you end up a shopping addict, which will hurt your finances.

Follow the highlighted tips in dealing with impulse buying and to have a better experience of online shopping sites.


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The Impulse of Online Buying and the Addiction It Leads To
The Impulse of Online Buying and the Addiction It Leads To
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